Ibraham + Khadijeh

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I B R A H A M  &  K H A D I J E H 

The wedding of Ibraham and Khadijeh made headlines across Australia before it even began. Recognised as Salim Mehajer’s younger sister, whose lavish wedding went instantly viral across the globe last year, the world was impatiently awaiting another Mehajer extravaganza. 

Our journey with the beautiful couple began months before their wedding date. We had the opportunity to film the couple together prior to the wedding, in iconic destinations around the beautiful city of Sydney. We filmed at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, Drummoyne Pier, New South Wales Gallery, and surrounding waters of Sydney’s Darling Harbour on the family’s private boat.

Reporters across Sydney gathered on the day of the wedding to get a piece of the action. The family however were one step ahead, by renting out a private estate for the special bride’s morning prep and celebration. The bride was accompanied with Australia’s leading couturier Steven Khalil, who custom designed Khadijeh’s timeless and classic gown.

Meanwhile, the other half of our team were capturing Ibraham’s groom prep, located in a luxurious apartment with panoramic views of the city, overlooking the water. Here, the groomsmen, including Khadijeh’s brother Salim Mehajer, were getting ready to be escorted by over 30 luxury cars and motorbikes, including Lamborghinis, Ferraris and an iconic and highly exclusive Koenigsegg CCX.

Upon the groom’s arrival, he was met with over a dozen drummers from CDARZ Entertainment and close family and friends. He was greeted by the Mehajer family, officially uniting him with his new bride. The celebrations continued, with our cameramen capturing every moment, and our drone filming a birds eye view of the event.

The celebrations carried on, as the bridal party and guests headed to Doltone House, Hyde Park to an exclusive and unplugged event.

‘By almost any standards, a Lebanese wedding is something else, with music a mainstay and drumming a necessity. But a Mehajer wedding is on another level with sports cars, singers jetted in from the Middle East, US model and winner of Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo swanning about, and burly bodyguards throughout.”  – news.com.au


Ibraham + Khadijeh