Seren + Dogan – Love in Istanbul

S E R E N & D O G A N 

Set in the exotic city of Istanbul, where the East meets the West, with the treasured bazaars, sacred mosques, panoramic sea and culturally vibrant streets as their backdrop, Seren and Dogan’s pre-wedding photo shoot is simply breath-taking.

It was love at first sight for Dogan and Seren, who met whilst holidaying in Turkey in the city of Izmir, and they haven’t looked back since! Dogan, who is from England, and Seren from Australia, chose to go back to Istanbul for their pre-wedding photo shoot as it holds sentimental value to the couple, representing the city where Dogan proposed to Seren at the Maiden’s Tower.

The couple’s favourite part of the shoot was their time on the private yacht cruising around the Bosphorus, where they were able to relax in privacy, away from the bustling crowds of Istanbul. The most memorable part of their trip to Istanbul was going back to the Maiden’s Tower where it all began, and sharing a romantic dinner.

via Wedded Wonderland

Seren + Dogan – Love in Istanbul